How to Teach Your Dog Not to Beg! (Or to Beg)

Are you tired of your dog getting under your feet whenever you have food? When you cook are you in danger of tripping over your dog? Do you just not want those puppy eyes an inch from your food as you are eating? Then teach your dog how they should beg.

When ever I go into my kitchen my dog runs to her bed in the living room. She is begging just as much as that dog who can’t seem to leave you alone but it is not annoying and doesn’t put us in danger while I’m cooking in the kitchen with boiling water and knives (or allow her to stand there drooling over my food as I’m trying to have a snack on the couch)

How did I do this?

You need to start by teaching your dog a place cue. This can be a dog bed or a crate or just a towel on the floor. Teach your dog to reliably go lay down at this spot before you go further.

Start with the dog bed near where you are cooking or eating and a part of their meal within arms reach. Ask them to go their bed and occasionally feed them on the bed. When you start out you might need to give them a piece of food on their bed every couple of seconds, but gradually start to feed them less and less often.

When your dog can stay in place for at least a minute you can start moving the bed further away from where you are. You might want to start out with their bed near your feet when you are sitting on the couch but you can start slowly moving that bed across the room to the location you want it.

If the dog gets up and mobs you for treats then just tell him to go back to his place and wait at least 5 seconds before giving him a treat. If he is getting up often then you need to feed him before he gets up, so reduce the time between treats until he is continuously staying there.

If you keep practicing you can get a dog who begs very politely too!

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