How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

I have people tell me their dog was potty trained by 9 weeks, or 3 months or something else just as young. I would not consider these dogs potty trained. Potty training takes time. Young puppies can’t hold their bladder for a long period of time so even if you are successful at not having accidents for a couple weeks, I wouldn’t trust the puppy alone in the house for an extended period of time.

Potty training will take a while and when your dog is fully trustworthy depends on how consistent you are and your dog. All dogs are different so some dogs might just take a little longer then others.

I don’t like to consider young dogs puppy train even if they haven’t had any accidents because then people get more relaxed and stop watching their puppy as closely or stop taking them out as often and then accidents happen. Then people get confused because they think their dog should know better or maybe the dog is doing it to spite them.

With young dogs you just need to keep up with potty training consistently and wait for the dog to be old enough to be able to hold his bladder for an extended period of time. But even then sometimes dogs can regress and you just need to give them patience and keep rewarding pottying outside.

Sometimes life changes can set back potty training. We moved from an apartment into a house when Jupiter was about 7 months. The dogs had a lot more room in the house and Jupiter got a little confused. He thought the basement was a good place to go poop. We had a manage how much he could free roam and started rewarding him for going outside again. He picked it quickly but I still keep the basement door closed because I don’t want bad habits to form.

It’s ok if your dog seems to regress and has an accident or two. We just need to keep up the training and have patience.

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