Fun activities to do with your pet dog

I love finding fun activities that my dog enjoys and I can do with them. There a bunch of possibilities. There are different dog sports you can compete in with your dog or you can explore the world together or you can find fun activities to do at home. There is something out there for all dogs to do.

Finding new activities can be enrichment for your dog and make there life more fun and tire them out.

If you are interested in finding some new activities here are some ideas below.

Fun at home activities

  • Trick training – you can do this for fun or for dog titles through the akc or “do more with your dog”
  • Toy/ food searchs at home – teach your dog to search out a toy or food you hide around your home
  • Puzzle feeders – feed your dog with fun puzzles that you help them work through
  • Flirt poles – a fun toy activity that can teach impulse control

Fun activities on the go

  • Parkour – train your dog to interact with structures on your walks, such as jumping on a stone wall, or crawling under a bench, or running around a lamp post.
  • Hikes – explore nature with your dog
  • Sniffari – let your sniff and wonder around often in a large field
  • Canicross – running with your dog pulling you

Sports they that can be good for new competitors

  • Disc dog – for dogs that like playing fetch, you can play several different disc games and try to beat your own scores
  • Dock diving – dogs who like swimming might like jumping into a pool after a toy
  • Barn hunt – dogs sniff out a contained rat around several bales if hay
  • Rally Obedience – fun obedience obstacle course that focuses on the dog and handler working together

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