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Sometimes it is hard to find the right treats to use for training. You might need to try several to see what your dog enjoys. I like to keep several options around of different values to be able to change up treats if the situation calls for it. For example if I am in a distracting environment, I like to have higher value treats. Often at home I just use my dog’s kibble if they will eat it.

Here are my recommendations

Store Bought Treats

Zukes Mini Training Treats

These are my top treat recommendations. They are soft (if you keep the bag closed) so dogs tend to prefer them to other hard treats but also keep your hands clean. They are easy to break up for small dogs. There are multiple flavors if your dog has allergies.

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Charlee Bear

These are good low calorie treats that can be seen if thrown into grass. These are dry and crunchy so they are low value and my pickier dogs don’t like them. You also get a lot of treats for cheap.

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Stella and Chewy Meal Mixer

These are awesome higher value treats. I use these often when training on walks or out in distracting environments. They are easy to break apart but crumble a little if you try to go small enough for a 5lb chihuahua.

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Happy Howie Meat Roll

You need to put in a little effort to cut this rolls into treat but they are awesome once you do. These treats are easy to cut into any size you want, even very small, without crumbling. They are higher value then many treat options. They do go bad once open a roll so I usually cut one a week and refrigerate it until training time.

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Rocco and Roxie Treats

These liver treats tend to be high value. They come in long stripes which can be difficult to break into a specific size. I found using scissors to cut them apart works best.

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Star Cloud: Tricky Trainers

These small treats are a good size for larger dogs. They are similar to Zukes but more difficult to break apart for tiny dogs.

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Liver Treats

This large of bucket treats are great for a high value treat. There are really large pieces of liver and very small pieces of liver. I often cut up the large pieces are use them for a recall.

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Kibble – Honest Kitchen Kibble

At home I often use kibble for training. You can use your own kibble or buy a different kibble to use. I often buy Honest Kitchen Kibble just as treats because my dogs love it.

Amazon link for Honest Kitchen Clusters

Fresh Pet Dog Food

If there is a pet store or grocery store with a refrigerated dog food section you can find fresh pet dog food. They are moist so they are high value. This food does need to be refrigerated. I often buy a large bag and then freeze a bunch. There is small dog version and cat version that works great for tiny dogs. This stuff can be a bit messy or gross to touch.

Other Options


Chicken is a healthy low calorie treat. You do need to cut it to the size you want. I often buy frozen chopped chicken so I need to do less work.


I often buy frozen meatballs and break them up and use them as high value treats.

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