How old is too young or too old to start training my dog?

I often get asked “I got a new puppy when should I start training them?” The answer is they are never too young to start learning. I start training my own puppies the day they get home at 8 weeks old. Some breeders who have the puppies younger start working on skills before they even go to their forever home.

Jupiter the day I picked him up

When we get a new puppy we need to remember they are babies still and there are limitations to their focus and maturity but I like to start by building a good routine and setting foundations for the future. I always start with potty training which is important to build good habits and that should always be started the day you get your new puppy.

What about on the other side. How old is too old to start training? The saying old dogs can’t learn new tricks is very wrong. As long as your dog is still healthy, they can continue to learn for their whole life. I recently watched my friend’s 10 year old who I started teaching the sport of shed hunting to. He had never done anything like that before but we had a lot of fun doing shed hunting together.

10 year old Roo

So if you have that 3 year old or 7 year old dog and think it is too late for them to learn something new, you are wrong.

Let us know if you have a new or old dog you want to get started training with!

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