Do I need to be the “alpha” to my dog?

There is a theory out there that in order for your dog to listen to you, you must be the alpha or act more dominate. This is a myth.

The original study conducted was done with wolves and there was a mistake made and the author of the study has spent the rest of his life talking out against the alpha theory. Also wolves are not dogs, wild wolves and wild dogs act very different. Also the most important fact is that dogs know that humans are not dogs and don’t act the same to humans as dogs.

Instead you should act like a parent to your dog. You set rules to keep your dogs safe and provide love, food, and shelter. You are in charge of your dog’s well being and if you provide care and support your dog will love you and want to be with you.

To get your dog to listen to you, you don’t need to be dominate, you need to teach your dog it is worth it. To get your dog to listen to you you must reward behaviors you like and teach them there is a reason to listen to you.

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