How to Potty Train your Dog

Did you get a new dog or puppy and they aren’t potty trained? Do you keep finding poop or pee puddles in the house and need help stopping accidents. Here are some tips for you to potty train your dog. I approach potty training from two directions, teaching the dog where I want them to potty and preventing pottying in the house.

A small merle chihuahua sniffing a bush, looking for a place to potty

Train your puppy where to potty

We need to teach our dog where it is okay to go the bathroom. Aways takes treats out with you on a potty break. Anytime they go to the bathroom outside, praise them and give a treat or two.

I will take a new dog or puppy out to potty on leash even even in my fenced in yard. Then I will just stand there being boring until they potty. Once they do I reward them with freedom, off the leash and some playtime.

So once your dog pottys where you want them to reward with treats and/or play time.

Prevent your dog from going potty in the house

The more your dog is able to go the bathroom in your house, the more likely it is for it to become a bad habit. It is more difficult to break a bad habit than it is to stop a habit from forming.

Use different forms of management to stop your dog from going in the house. Use baby gates, playpens, or crates to prevent the dog from going to different areas in the house where they might potty. Dogs prefer to go on soft surfaces, like rugs, or in spare room so blocking off those areas is helpful. If my dog has just been outside and went to the bathroom then you can give them more freedom in the house. If they haven’t gone in a while I will limit their access to the house. New puppies might need to go potty every hour or two. So for a puppy I will only give them a little freedom for half and hour to an hour.

I also don’t let a new dog or puppy wander around unattended. Make sure you are in the same room and can pay attention to your puppy if they are out. Shut the door or put up a baby gate so they can’t get into trouble when you can’t pay attention to them.

Set a routine

You will also want to set a routine and follow that when potty training puppies. Take your puppy out frequently, depending on the puppy maybe every two hours. If your puppy doesn’t go when you are outside, then put them in a crate when you get back inside. Then try to potty them again in 30 minutes. Puppies also need to pee after everything, such as eating, sleeping, drinking, or playing. So after those activites you will need to take them out more frequently.

What to do if you catch your puppy going to the potty in the house

If you catch your dog doing to the bathroom in the house, you can pick them up or grab a leash or collar to lead them outside. I do not punish a dog for potty in the house for many reasons but one is that it doesn’t teach your dog pottying in the house is bad but that if you catch them pottying that they will get punished. So your dog will either try to potty when you aren’t in the room or will not want to potty in front of you outside.

If you need help to potty train your dog contact us today or sign up for a free consultation!

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