Dog Product Recommendations

Whether you are looking for a Christmas present for your dog or just got a new dog and want to know what you should get them, take a look at this list of items I recommend.

For Every dog

A harness made out of nylon straps. It is blue across the top and the rest is black

Balance Harness by Blue-9

This is my favorite harness. I use this with my personal dogs bigger than 10lbs. It is a Y-harness which doesn’t impede the dogs body movement. It is very adjustable so it fits all different body shapes. There is a clip at the neck loop for my dogs who are nervous having to put their head inside something. There is also a front clip which you can use for strong pullers or just large powerful dogs for your saftey.

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Blue-9 Website

A small purple harness with the words voyager written on it.

Harness for tiny dogs

My very small dogs don’t fit into the balance harness and I have a stack of extra harenss I tried and this is the only one I have bought again. It is a Y harness and is adjustable. there is a clip at the neck which I love since my one dog doesn’t like things slipped over his head. It also comes in so many colors.

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A orange leash wound up on the floor.

Biothane longline

When possible I like to give my dog explore and have more room than a 6ft leash allows. A long line is awesome for that since it allows your dog to roam further while you still have a saftey teether. It is great to practice recalls and play fetch before your dog is reliable off leash.

Link Here

Also check esty for more options

A black and grey pouch with a phone sticking out of the front pocket.

Treat pouch

A treat pouch can make having treats on you so much easier and cleaner. I also like to keep a poop bag in mine so I always have them on walks. The blue-9 treat pouch is a great one because it is slim has 3 different pockets and looks nicer than many out there.

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Blue-9 Website

Enrichment Items

A bowl shaped toy

West Paw Toopl

This is my favorite toy for giving my dog an activity to do. You can fill up the toopl with different snacks, like peanut butter, or their dinner and freeze it to keep your dog entertained. You can pull it out of the freezer when you need your dog busy for a while. It works similar to a kong but is easier to clean.

Amazon Link

West Paws Website

A blue and green mat with different textures on it

Licky Matt

This is a great item to give your dog as a calming activty. You can put peanut butter, wet dog food, or other spreadable food on this to keep them occupied for a little bit. You can also freeze it, with food on it to last longer.

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A toy labeled Bob-A-Lot. It has a purple rounded base and a green middle and small skinny yellow top.

Bob-A-Lot Food Toy

This is a really fun way to give your dog food or treats. You can put food in the top area and then your dog has to push the toy around to get it to drop the food. It is a really fun way to get your dog some of their food while they play a game.

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Food dispensing balls

This is a another fun way to feed your dog. This holds more food than the bob-a-lot if you want to put their full meal in one toy.

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A large rubber ball with a handle with the words jolly ball on it

Jolly Ball

This is a fun toy that holds up to tough chewiers. It is a bit big so I keep this toy outside and my dog love to chase it and run around with it. I can easily kick it or use the handle to throw it for them.

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A purple kong wobba, which is a snowman shaped toy wrapped in purple canvas with the canvas handing down in four tails.

Kong Wubba

This is a fun toy to play fetch and tug with. They are pretty durable and floats in water so you can play fetch in the water.

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A ginger stuffed bear with patchwork spots sewed onto him

Wild Knots Bear Kong Toy

If you want a stuffed toy which is a little more durable and doesn’t have a lot of stuffing here is the toy. Instead of stuffing there are rope toys running through the bear so if your dog does rip it open you get another toy.

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A bunch of plush squirrels are peeking of of holes in a plush tree stump

Hideaway squirrels

This fun toy allows your dog to have fun removing the squirrels from the tree. They are able to pull the toy apart with it being ruined.

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A "Y" shaped chew toy with the words benebone on the bottom of the "Y"


These are my favorite chew toys. They have a couple different shapes and flavors. They last for a while but will need to monitored as they show wear.

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Benebone Website

White rolls which are beef cheek

Beef Cheek Rolls

These are one of my favorite chews. They might look a little like rawhide but they aren’t. They are rawhide alternative that last longer.

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A dehydrated pig ear sitting next to a quarter.

Pig Ear

These are a good chew. They last a shorter time than a beef cheek roll but are still healthier than rawhide.

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If you are interested in treat recommendations read our other article here.

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