Dog Training in Platteville, Wi

I had a couple private lessons up in Platteville today so we spent our day visiting a couple of our favorite places.

We offer private lessons at your home or a dog friendly public place, so we have often have lessons at the following places.

Locations in Platteville Wi to train your dog

  1. Blaine’s Farm and Fleet : This is a great dog friendly store in Platteville. The store is wide open and we can always find a back corner that is quiet to work on skills. Make sure your dog is on leash. We often practice nice walking and calm greetings in the store. If your dog is nervous of strangers this might be too overwhelming for them.
A golden retreiver dog in blaines farm and fleet in platteville, wi practicing his down stay neat kayaks
  1. Platteville Dog Park: I don’t take my dogs into dog parks. They aren’t right for every dog and that is normal. However if you want to work on your dog paying attention to around other dogs or barks at other dogs on leash, then outside of the dog park can be a good place to work on it. There is a lot of open space to the side of the dog park that allow you distance so your dog can learn to focus on you. There is also a work out area right next to the dog park that is a great area for your dog to practice paws up and walking on weird surfaces.
A golden reteriver dog in platteville wi, watching the dog park and learning to be calm and not bark at other dogs.
  1. Moundview Park: This is a great walking path and their is a large park area where you can work on recalls and barking at other people and dogs. There are walking paths that loop through wooded areas and cross little streams. My dogs and I love exploring back there.
A golden reteriver dog sitting in some bushes at mound view park and campground in platteville wi
  1. Memorial Park: This is a nice large area near the university. There are a bunch of different trails and large open areas to practice recalls and loose lead walking. There are some paths along a little creek or you walk the disc golf field.
A chihuhua walking down a path in memorial park in platteville wi
  1. East Main Street (downtown) – If your dog is great a walking on a loose leash at home and in a park you can then head to downtown platteville and practice some nice walking skills. The famers market is held near city hall park and you can walk your dog around there as well. A farmers market can be overwhemling for many dogs. They can always watch the famers market from the park as well.
A german shepherd dog in blaines farm and fleet in platteville wi, standing inside the store near some leaf blowers
  • K9’s LLC: Offers great agility classes. If you are intrested in doing something fun with your dog check out their classes. Link
A german shepherd dog jumping over an agility jump with a human running next to her in platteville, wi.

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If you are in Platteville and are intrested in private lessons reach out today. We can come to your home or meet up at one of the locations above.

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