Keys to Dog Training

What are the keys to getting your dog listening to you quick. Having fun and rewarding them often with things they love. If your dog enoys working with you they will be excited to listen to any cues you give them.

Training must be Fun for your Dog

The most important thing I pay attention to while training is that my dog is enjoying themselves. If my dog dreads training or is getting nervous then the first goal is for them to have fun. When I train I teach my dogs to want to work with me. This gets the quickest, best results and the happiest dogs. Pay attention to your dog’s body language while you are training. If they are happy and engaged you are doing awesome. If they appear stiff or have lowered ears or any other nervous body language first start on a fun engagement game before working on anything else. 

High Rate of Reinforcement

One of the reasons my dogs like to work with me is because I use a high rate of reinforcement. They get a lot of treats quick, especially when learning new skills or working in a distractioning environment. The more we pay them the more engaged they will be with us and the more they will want to work with us. 

Use Treats your Dog Loves

We often make assumptions about what our dogs actually like. Some dogs don’t like the flavor of one type of treat that many other dogs like. Or your dog will eat anything at home so you assume any treat will do. However all dog like different treats and I try to get at least 5 different options and see which treat your dog likes more. The stinker, softer, grosser to touch the treat is the more a dog usually likes it. Many people have told me milkbone (a hard crunchy treat) is their dogs favorite treat and after playing around we find out that there are many treat the dog likes more such as chicken, freeze dried liver, and hotdogs. If you are struggling with attention in new places the first thing I often recommend is just trying better treats.

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