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Continuing Education Includes

  • Aggression in Dogs Conference 2023
  • Clicker Expo 2023
  • Aggression in Dogs Mastercourse
  • Clicker Expo LIVE 2022
  • Clicker Expo LIVE 2021
  • Mentorship with ThinkDog
  • Control Unleashed Conference 2020
  • Aggression in Dog Conference 2020
  • Lemonade Conference 2020

Here’s the story where you learn about a girl with a Master’s in mechanical engineering who ended up running Angelic Paws Dog Training. While the two may not seem to have a lot in common on the outside, I found that my love of problem-solving was a perfect fit for helping dogs become better pets and for humans to become better owners.

You and your dog deserve to have a great life together, whether that’s relaxing in your home or out and about in the world. However, life doesn’t always give us all the tools to help pets and owners understand how to deal with everyday stresses, and that’s where training can help.

Just like us, some dogs are hesitant and shy; some are goofballs with big personalities. I know this is the case with my dogs! Luna, my German Shepherd, needs extra help understanding how to deal with social situations but rewards me with lots of love once she feels safe.

Kristin’s Dogs

Jupiter, my Golden Retriever, is the typical Golden, happy-go-lucky, assumes everyone loves him, and is happiest when he has a job and food.

Eros is the a long haired Chihuahua. He is sassy and tiny and loves to play with toys. He has taught me a lot about working with and living with a small breed dog.

Vega is a mixbreed dog with a little bit of chihuahua, cocker spaniel, and pitbull. She is a little more than 10lbs but is fiesty and loves to wrestle with the big dogs.

All are very different and have different needs, but they all need training that feels fun and rewarding to them, not fear-based reprimands that try to change who they are.

I love working with dogs and can often be found working with Luna, Jupiter, Eros, and Vega in my home or outdoors doing nose work, disc dog, rally, obedience, canicross, and cooperative care. I’d love to meet you and your dog and provide you with all the tools you’ll need for a lifetime relationship of love with your dog.

Angelic Paws Dog Training

Angelic Paws Dog Training started in 2021. We love working with pet dogs or sport dogs. We started in Pennsylvania but moved the business to Wisconsin, near the Iowa and Illinois border. We have worked with clients though all over the world.

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