Let us kickstart your dog’s training for you while using positive reinforcement to teach your dog how to act well behaved with a board and train!

Golden Retriever dog laying under a tree looking happy while he doing a board and train

Let us do the work for you with our board and train option! We will use our knowledge to teach your dog new skills and prevent problem behaviors. Sign up now for the intake phone call!


We can help with

  • Basic Obedience
  • Not pulling when walking
  • Good Manners in the House
  • Better Focus
  • Not Jumping when Greeting
  • Puppy Training
  • Reactivity to Dogs

Let us do the training for you with our board and train option. Your dog will come and stay with us while we teach them the skills they need, so you don’t have to. We are experts in training, so we can teach new skills faster than you.

This is perfect for dog parents who are very busy or are already planning on going out of town. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we don’t have the time to dedicate to our dogs. We can help you can take some of the pressure off your plate.

What are your training techniques?

We use positive reinforcement and rewards based training. We play games while teaching your dog it is fun to work with you. We will use food, toys, praise, and anything your dog finds rewarding to train them. We don’t use pain or fear to train your dog.

What will my dog learn?

Before your dog comes to use we can talk about goals. We can customize our training plan to work around your goals and your dog’s personality. Common behaviors we work on are

  • Basic Obedience Skills like sit down, stay
  • Loose leash walking
  • Not jumping up when greeting others
  • Good manners in the house
  • Better focus

What will your dog’s stay look like?

Your dog will stay with us at our home. Every day, they will get 4 training sessions, exercise, enrichment, and socialization. There will be field trips multiple times a week for socialization and training.

We will send you updates with photos, videos, and write ups so you can see what your pup has been up to with us.

Any requirements for a dog to be eligible for board and train?

Dogs with human aggression issues are better suited for private lessons.

Dogs with separation anxiety or crate anxiety are not suited for board and train but can also take private lessons. Puppies that are still learning to like a crate are still eligible. We can provide tips to help with some crate training before your pup comes and stays.

What happens when my dog goes home?

When you pick up your dog, we will have a transfer session where we show you the skills your dog has learned and show you how to keep working with your dog to keep their good behavior going in the future.

You will get a couple more private lessons as follow up to make sure the training sticks. You also get lifetime advice and support.


2 Week Board and Train – $1800

3 Week Board and Train – $2200

4 Week Board and Train – $2600

We will start with an intake phone call or video call where we talk over what your dog already knows and what the training goals are. Then we can set a drop-off day.

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