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Dog Training Service Options

A German Shepherd Dog is trying to climb a tree that is starting to change colors and loose leaves

Private Lessons

We teach you how to train your dog. From life skills to obedience to manners, let’s meet in person to talk about your dog’s needs. These one-hour sessions every week will help you with your dog’s behavioral needs.

A medium sized dog is sitting on the couch with his paws crossed on the arm rest

Board and Train

Let us do a lot of the training for you! Let a professional do the hard work. Your dog will stay with us while they learn skills.

German Shepherd Dog in a red and black bandana staring off into the distance.

Day Train

Let us do the difficult training while you will get to cuddle your pet at night. Drop your dog off for the day at our facility in Galena so they can go to school.

Two dogs are sitting on platforms looking at the camera on a deck. On the left is a German Shepherd Dog that is wearing a green bandana on the right is a young golden retriever wearing a red bandana

Group Classes

Group Classes coming soon in Galena Illinois.

Service Dog Training

Help teach your service dog skills for public access or tasking. Reach out today to get the help you need.

Sign up for dog training lessons to help you and your dog. No matter if I meet you and your dog personally, o r we meet virtually, it’s my goal to help you overcome your dog’s problem behaviors by breaking down why they do what they do into small parts and teaching you how to overcome those behaviors to help them be a better pet.

These “baby steps” are the building blocks of a fear-free way of training that feels good to you and is highly rewarding to your dog. Dogs are so smart! With the techniques I teach you, you’ll see improvements in your dog’s behavior because you are learning how to work with them in a way that feels rewarding and fun for them.

The result will be happier dogs+happier owners=lots more time to snuggle and play.

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