From behind we see a female walking with a golden retriever on her left walking with a nice loose leash down a road with tents and people around them. The dog could be a service dog

Contact us today about service dog work, public access training, or therapy dog work to get started today.

Service Dog and Therapy Dog Training

Let us meet to help you with any problems you are facing with your dog and reduce your frustration. We teach you how to train your service dog and have a well manner dog who can go anywhere.

We can help with public access training, ignoring distractions, some tasking behaviors, not greeting everyone you see, and much more. Learn obedience skills such as sit, down, heeling, and more.

Each session includes the session time and video tutorials, and email help tailored to your needs!

Service dog training is great for teaching:

  • Public Access: Loose lead walking, relaxing in a restaurant, ignoring distractions, etc
  • Tasking: Fetching items, Alerting to alarms, Crowd control (circling), Deep pressure Therapy, etc
  • Life skills: go to bed, sit, stay, down, etc
  • Cooperative Care: Nail trimming, Better vet visits, Easier grooming, etc

Getting Started Package: $600

This package is for you if you just got a puppy or starting the process of training your dog. We will start on the basic skills needed for a dog to be a successful service or therapy dog.

Public Access Package: $500

We can move onto more advanced skills if you already have started the process or have completed the getting started package. We can work on loose leash walking in public, ignoring distractions, and other public access skills.

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