A small dog sitting on the couch ready for a virtual lesson.

Virtual training lessons designed to meet your needs! Contact us today for your remote training needs. If you have any questions reach out and we will help you pick the perfect package for you!


Virtual dog training to fit in your schedule

Clients all over have benefited from virtual training! Not only is it convenient, but it is also a good choice for reactive or fearful animals because it’s done right in your home. We don’t need to see bad behaviors to understand why it is happening.

This is a cheaper and more convient option for not having to travel. If there are no trainers near you we can help.

We’ll first start with an intake lesson for one hour that discusses your goals for your dog and what problems you’d like to overcome.

Each session includes the session time and video tutorials, and email help tailored to your needs!

Virtual training sessions are great for teaching:

  • Manners: Not door dashing, Friendly greetings, etc
  • Fixing problem behaviors: Counter surfing, Reactivity, Chewing, etc
  • Life skills: Go to bed, sit, stay, down, etc
  • Cooperative Care: Nail trimming, better vet visits, easier grooming, etc
  • Advanced skills: nosework, advanced obedience, etc
  • Service Dog Skills: Public Access Skills and contact us about tasking

Virtual Training Packages

4 Week Private Lessons: $260

Best for smaller behaviors issues such as jumping up on people or counter surfing or refreshing obedience skills.

6 Week Private Lessons: $360

Best for learning basic manners or obedience. Or if you get a new puppy.

8 Week Private Lessons: $480

This is best for more difficult behavioral problems like reactivity or lack of confidence or for working around distractions.

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